THE JUMP Press Round Up, Part One

the jump front cover

OK folks, things are starting to happen, reviews and such like, so here’s a quick round up of stuff that’s appeared in print and online in the last wee while:

First up, Joanne over at The Portobello Book Blog gave the book a glowing review, saying: ‘I found this a real page turner and recommend it if you like a gripping thriller’. That’ll do!

Next, the good people at The Crime Warp loved the book as well, calling it ‘insightful and unsettling!’ Nice.

Keith Nixon at Crime Fiction Lover gave it another cracking review, coming up with this line, which I like a lot: ‘It’s like the author’s wrapped a brick in velvet and hit you over the head with it a couple of times. Smooth and blunt.’ Warning: The review contains a few spoilers.

I wrote a thing over at the Faber Academy about Why I Write. In summary, because I’m fucking angry.

I appeared in The Metro today, talking about the books On My E-Reader. I don’t have one really, but I just banged on about books I love by David Gates, Megan Abbott and Don Winslow. Good excuse.

And I did the Off The Shelf column for The Big Issue in the North, which was a similar thing, except this time I talked up books by Helen FitzGerald and James Sallis to go with Megan Abbott and David Gates. And I got to share the page with the inimitable Limmy.

And finally for now, I wrote a thing over at Crime Time about the inspiration behind writing The Jump. Lots of chat about suicide, basically.

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Scottish Book of the Month!


THE JUMP is Scottish Book of the Month over in Blackwell’s on South Bridge in Edinburgh. Thanks, Blackwell’s!

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Read the Opening Chapter of THE JUMP Here!

the jump front cover

The opening chapter of THE JUMP is in today’s Scotsman newspaper. Read it and weep.


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My review of Lucky Alan by Jonathan Lethem


I reviewed Jonathan Lethem’s new story collection, Lucky Alan, for the Independent on Sunday. In summary, I didn’t like it.

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800 People Disagreeing With Each Other

Just spotted that Gone Again has exactly 800 reviews over on Amazon. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write something, even the miserable bastards who hated it. Onwards!


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The Jump, published on 6th August, is going on a little jaunt around the blogosphere. Details in the pic. Enjoy!


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A Writer With Balls


Putting this in your story takes some balls. This is near the end of the novella ‘Banishment’, in David Gates’ new collection, A Hand Reached Down To Guide Me, published in August by Serpent’s Tail.  Love it.

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